Welcome to this new little corner on the web. We are Al-andalus Experience, a tourism business based in Granada, Andalusia, with an unusual approach to guiding tourists around Southern Spain and Morocco. We bring our guests to the greatest pillars of this ancient Muslim land, such as Córdoba, Seville, Jaen, Granada and the Alpujarras, among other sites, giving detailed information about the history of the Moorish period as well as a hands-on experience of life for Andalusian Muslims. This might mean visiting the Alhambra palace or a ceramics workshop, a morning painting Islimi patterns, a mountain horse ride, or even a chance to learn some authentic flamenco songs and rhythms. Throughout, the needs of Muslim travellers are catered for in every aspect, and the natural order of the Muslims’ way of life preserved. Here is a YouTube video made from pictures taken on our tour last November with Ihab and our second group from Kuwait this Season. This blog was set up so that past guests can post their experiences with us in Andalusia, while we will also use it to announce upcoming events, or present glimpses of our work and studies. Feel free to email us your experiences of your time here in Andalusia, whether it be a random thought, a picture or even a video from your trip. This will help us to continue offering unique and excellent services in Andalusia, Spain. You can email us your posts and attachments to  admin@alandalus-experience.com and we will upload it to the blog!