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اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّه


My name is Ahmad Zaruq Summers and I am Manager & Administrator at Al-Andalus Experience, in Spain. I live in Granada and this is my main daily activity. To attend the needs of world wide travellers seeking somewhat more from the rich heritage of Southern Spain than that offered by the regular tourism market, but yet unachievable to first time travellers. It may seem paradoxical that until now I regularly assist mostly Muslims on their travelling needs in Spain. My job is to make sure that as a traveller you obtain the best out of your time in Spain.

As a British citizen ex-pat since an early age and moreover as a brought up Muslim, I have learned the feeling of being alienated in a foreign cculture. Much alike those travellers who seeking the englightment of a previous Golden Age of Islam, find themselves battling through modern cities in a foreign language, and hearing only legents about our ancestors of al-Andalus. I felt this several times upon meeting, specially Muslim travellers going in or out of the local Mosques, they always seemed so lost and perplexed! Though very pleased to find themselves within an Islamic environment such as a Mosque.

This and other reasons is what led me to leave a very valid office job in Cordoba, to return to Granada where there is a more healthy local Muslim community and specially youths willing to collaborate and build themselves in knowledge and skills. The skills necessary to make your experiences in Spain a permanent highlight. With the inmense blessing and support of a rich and well spread out local Muslim community in Spain, all I had to do is to find the right local providers and a good managing team to start a reglar tour program. That’s what I thought anyway.

It was a memorable night, 31st of December of 2007 when I drove from Cordoba to Granada with my car packed of all my stuff. Office included, I was heading to a new dorm in the very centre of Granada. I know that things take time and that, also in Spain, Andalusia specially, a little longer even. What I didn’t expect was two whole years of hardly getting by multi-tasking from computer drafting to garden or construction work!.

Anyhow I am now pleased, I don’t like counting time, I rather trust. Patience is strenght and in the Islamic tradition Allah (God) loves patience. We have recently inaugurated what we can consider an administration, research and documentation department, counting with Dr. Ihab Al-Oumaoui as our intern Arabic/English/Spanish/French Archaeologist tour guide, myself and another five regular ‘Local Muslim Guides’ who act as travel assistants to families or group (we’re hiring to Spanish agencies!), an Administration Manager and a Publication Editor, who takes charge of shaping up our main site, blog updates, articles and other publications.

We are very happy that we can help you in what we best know, our very own land culture, to ‘Discover the Secrets of Muslim Spain’, from it’s origin, until today.

Thank you for your genuine interest and support.